Kalapita Productions

Basque producer
cultural facilitator
& artistic coach 

Hendaye • Basque Country

Founded by Thierry Biscary in 2016, Kalapita productions first proposed a service to promote Basque artists’ shows (Manez eta Kobreak, Hegiak, Maddi Oihenart and Soka Hots Orkestra, …).
Then, it started a work of cultural facilitator : putting in relation show business professionals, organising European cultural projects, searching for financing project, proposing mediation and council.
Now Kalapita is expanding its activities by developing an artistic coaching service. This service aims to support professional and amateur artists, recognized or young talents, helping them to work on stage and on the different sectors they must master (communication plan, commercial strategy, administrative organization …).
Kalapita Productions accompanies projects of cultural promoters, event organizers, artists…

October 26th, 2022

Gasteiz. Kontserbatorioa. Thierry Biscary solo

November 18th, 2022

Donostia. Txirain elkartea. Thierry Biscary solo