Artistic Coach

I help professional or amateur artist to work on the stage and to master different areas (communication plan, commercial strategy, administrative organization …)

Your music project

  • Study if your project is technically feasible and economically viable
  • Set up your artistic approach (path, intentions, objectives of creation and production)
  • Identify your project participants
  • Identify your skills, abilities, talents and know-how
  • Program and organize the actions to be carried out
  • Define a strategy and follow it
  • Find public and private funding
  • Discover other ways of doing things
  • Locate new partners
  • Start preparing your art work

Work the stage

Singer, performer, musician, I help you to improve your performance.
  • Identify and affirm your scenic personality
  • Improve your stage presence
  • Exercise your body to take the stage, to express yourself freely
  • Reinforce the complicity with your band members on stage
  • Learn to use space, play with, feel at home on stage
  • Play, have fun on stage
  • Clarify the intentions of the lyrics, understand them, make them yours
  • Work on the correctness of your interpretation, communicate your emotions
  • Develop your communication skills by working on your gestures, your way of saying, watching and speaking with the public
  • Design your staging
  • Analyze your public performances and improve them during your rehearsals
Music band, band members
  • Work your set list by approaching it from different angles : choice and order of the songs, meaning of the lyrics, musical arrangements, staging, technique...
  • Identify and affirm your band personality
  • Define the universe you want to share with your audience
  • Develop solidarity, harmony and warmth within your band
  • Increase the audacity, perseverance and determination of your band